Advanced Hosting Cart

Release Date: 20 October 2017

Last Updated: 25 April 2020

Software Version: v5.1.0

Compatibility: 7.4; 7.5; 7.6; 7.7; 7.8; 7.9; and 7.10

Type: WHMCS Order Form / Hosting Cart

Doc Updated: 25 April 2020

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Advanced Hosting Cart – WHMCS Order Form Template is a high quality, native, responsive, smart and complete WHMCS order form template, created by experienced WHMCS developers. It loads all order form pages very fast and securely than other similar order form template available on the market today. This order form template is based on WHMCS - "Standard Cart".

Plus – we love mobile-first designs – that’s why we used Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome icon, CSS3 and HTML5 techniques with smooth color combination to make sure that your order form would look great on all mobile devices, tablets, full-screen previews and pages with many WHMCS based products and groups.

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#01.3 Product Compatibility

We always use the latest technologies for our softwares. So, older versions of the WHMCS might not work with our products. But, we always try to make it as compatible as possible. Also, We make sure that, our latest version of all softwares always compatible with the latest version of WHMCS.

WHMCS Version Compatibility

## Version Compatibility
01 WHMCS v7.10 Yes
02 WHMCS v7.9 Yes
03 WHMCS v7.8 Yes
04 WHMCS v7.7 Yes
05 WHMCS v7.6 Yes
06 WHMCS v7.5 Yes
07 WHMCS v7.4 Yes
08 WHMCS v7.3 Partial
09 WHMCS v7.2 Partial
10 WHMCS v7.1 Partial
11 WHMCS v7.0 Partial
12 WHMCS v6.3 and below No